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Este es un listado de URLs de sitios que me interesa compartir. Las categorías o tags pueden cambiar sin previo aviso. Esta página se genera dinámicamente.


+3d +CVE +accesibility +ads +agile +ai +android +ansible +api +apk +apt +archive +arduino +ascii +asciiart +audio +autofs +automate +awk +awx +background +backup +bash +bbs +bgp +blender +block +blog +book +bsd +bugs +ceph +chat +community +coop +copyleft +covid19 +crack +crm +crypto +css +csv +cups +curl +cyberpunk +cyberwar +ddos +deb +debug +deduplication +deploy +design +dev +devops +dhcp +distro +dkim +dmarc +dns +doc +docker +dotfiles +down +drm +drp +drupal +emacs +email +env +epub +esp +evil +exploit +ezine +fediverse +ffox +filesystem +firefox +firejail +firmware +font +form +game +git +github +gitlab +gmi +gnome +gnu +gnuplot +gpg +gpl +graphviz +grub +hack +html +htmx +http +https +i18n +iascode +ietf +inet +intel +iot +ipa +ipfs +isp +ispconfig +jitsi +js +json +k8s +kernel +latex +law +ldap +leak +librerouter +linux +localhost +log +make +man +map +mastodon +md +minify +minimalist +monit +monitor +mozilla +mp3 +mqtt +mutt +nas +nerd +nfs +nginx +nix +node +nsa +ntp +observability +ocr +offline +openhard +org +os +outage +p2p +packages +papers +pcb +pdf +perf +perl +phishing +photos +php +pi +png +postfix +postgresql +print +privacy +proxy +pve +python +qr +r +radio +ram +raspi +react +readme +redhat +redis +regex +remote +retro +review +rf +rfc +rss +rsync +rules +rust +sat +scrap +scrum +sd +security +selfhost +seo +slides +social +solar +spam +sql +squid +ssh +ssj +ssl +static +storage +surveillance +svg +sys +sysadmin +tag +tcp +terraform +test +tld +tmux +tools +tor +torrent +tty +txt +ubuntu +uefi +unix +unknown +upnp +ups +usb +utf8 +util +ux +varnish +video +vim +virtual +viz +vnc +voip +vote +voz +vpn +w3c +waf +wayland +web +wifi +win +wine +wireguard +wordpress +workstation +wtf +x11 +xkcd +yaml +zfs +zip

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